Davina. Studios. Team.

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the studio staff.


Every week we have our staff meeting and then we get lunch together. On our way back from grabbing something to eat I caught a shot of each of the girls who work with me. They are some of my favorite people.  I'm so blessed to have them working with me.  Each of them brings something unique and wonderful to the studio and I love the energy that we have together.


Studio Manager: Jessica. Jessica just joined us and has been wonderful from the get-go! She is patient and very knowledgeable. She catches on quickly and she is a doer. I'm so excited to have her working with us. She keeps up a very optimistic and happy attitude.


Accounts Manager: Stefanie. Stef has been manager our records for a while now and I could not ask for someone who is more invested in the state of the studio. She is always thinking big ideas and long term vision. I appreciate her!


Associate Photographer and Second Photographer: Johanna. Johanna is so laid back and sweet and patient. She also works hard to get the image that she wants. There have been many times I've been very happy to see her doing whatever she needs to in order to get the shot. Plus she's just super fun to have around!


great. LIFE.