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There are all kinds of things going on at my new blog. 

I don't want you to miss them.  You can check these out while you're there (just click on whatever thing you want to see and the link will take you there!):


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Have you heard?  

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It's official!


I have a new blog as most of you have already heard.  Yay!  You can find it here...but before you go clicking on that may be one of my rss readers...and now it's time!

Our rss feed is officially set up for A Year at the Yellow House. You can read all about it here.

If you're an rss feed reader (thank you for being so patient and for being such a loyal friend!) make sure to sign up for the new rss feed at A Year at the Yellow House.  Because if you don't sign up for the new blog you won't get the posting updates.  And I totally don't want you to miss that!

To all of you who have been such lovely friends and readers here at davina.squarespace I'm so grateful.  Please follow me over to A Year at the Yellow House (and make sure you visit A Year at the Yellow House tomorrow, too, because I'm giving a blog tour)!! 

You're going to love it.  There's all kinds of fun in store over there.




A Year at the Yellow House (click here)


Where are you, Davina?

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it's been awhile. 

I have a feeling that you've noticed I've been a bit missing in action.

Even though I've been a pretty lame blogger lately, thank you so much for sticking with me and checking in here.  I'm grateful for you.

There are lots of reasons I've been out of the blogging loop...

the kids are out of school (yours probably are too, right?)

it's summer and I'm getting caught up in having fun

I've been picking sunflowers and strawberries and blueberries (is there anything that says summer better than just picked fresh berries? I think not)

I visited a friend (Millie...gotta love her!)

Mike had surgery (that went well. yay!)

all kinds of stuff...

And then there's that one thing.

I'm working on a new blogsite!!! 


It's been a crazy ride that's led to something completely new...scary, fun, thrilling, crazy, not sure one minute, can't wait to share the next minute, kind of crazy roller coaster ride.

If it was just a blog or just a website or even just a blogsite that would be one thing but it's so much more than just those things.  It's a new way of doing things here in life, in business, and a combination of the the two, with a focus that is so inspiring that it's been pretty difficult to keep under wraps.

So...for those who want the behind the scenes about what's been going on you can sign up to get a special peek into what's been going on in my brain, what I've been working on, the things that are kind of freaking me out, the ideas that I am super pumped about, the next steps, the inside scoop on when the launch will be, and all of that raw hubbub that's going on in my brain.  I won't be posting on this blog until the launch.

At this point, I'm not sure when everything is going to come together.  There are so many great things happening!  I'd like to launch but I know that it needs to be to the point where I'm not thinking that I'll finish once the site is up (which I've definitely thought a couple of times because I'm so excited about this new idea and direction) but having it all pulled together first is super important because if it's not done before the big day...when will it get done?  It won't.  Who's with me on that one?

**If you're viewing this in an rss feed you may need to go to the blog post to sign up.

Get all of the brainy nitty gritty (said in my best Nacho Libre voice) here:


Family GTKY kit: Official Launch!

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Official Launch Day!

I'm so excited to announce that the Family GTKY kit is here! 

Today is also the official launch day of my new Insight kits site.  To check it out: Click here. 

Made especially for all of you family and portrait photographers who have been wanting a questionnaire that fits a family instead of a couple.

Since the GTKY kit for couples has been such a hit and still going strong I decided it was time for a family specific kit.

After years of playing with my family questionnaire, tweaking, changing, fixing, get to have a template questionnaire and some ideas to go with it. You can either use it as it is or customize it to your own studio. The best part is that you don't have to start from scratch.

I'm really excited about this particular kit! In the past couple of years my focus has switched to families and as I look around I see (and hear from photographers) that they wish they had a way to make working with families feel more real and relaxed.

The best part is that the questionnaire has all of the pertinent info you need to keep tabs on your clients and serve them better and it also has all of the questions you want answered about how to bring out the fun and personality of your subjects. This kit has some similarities to the original GTKY kit but with a family spin. You're going to love it!

Now available!


Special Launch Code:  LAUNCH25 (for 25% of launch pricing)

To purchase:  CLICK HERE.


fun. LIFE.

Rain Gauge.

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I love my deck...oh wait...

Have I mentioned that I love my deck?  I do.  If you follow me on twitter I talk about it too much.

My kids would probably say, "If you love it so much why don't you marry it?" (If they had been me and my cousins when I was little).  I might.  That's how much I love it.


But that's not what I'm writing about.  I'm writing about a Very Fancy Rain Gauge (that sits out on my super awesome deck). See picture above.  Upper right.  Yes,  I said Fancy.  It's Very Fancy.


We've had a lot of rain.  Emma decided it was time to stop talking about how much rain and measure it.  As you can see from our Very Fancy Rain Gauge we've had 2 1/2 inches since Sunday...or was it Monday?


Want to make  your own Very Fancy Rain Gauge?

1. Find a used up water bottle.

2. Cut off the top.

3. Use a ruler and make one inch tick marks starting from the bottom.  Mark 1", 2", etc.  (As you can see we thought we were in for at least 8 more inches overnight...that's how much rain we've been having.)

4. Put it on your awesome deck (or another fave place) and let it rain.

smooshy. LIFE.


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